Zizi, Miss Universe 'Idol' 2009

(AP/Brennan Linsley)

Bahamas - Support communities in Indonesia Zivanna Letisha Siregar was incredible. Although marginalized in the first half, but Miss Indonesia is familiarly called Zizi was to be Miss Universe 'Idol' in 2009.

20-year-old girl had a chance to look stunning in a bikini two of his pieces. Student Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia, class of 2007 is looking very comfortable bikinis ria.

He waddle on the catwalk, Grand Bahama, the bikini is eternal controversy in Indonesia. Because bikini Zizi also included in the 3 major contestants in Miss Universe 2009. Position flanked Larissa Costa Miss Brazil and Miss Vietnam Hoang Yen Yo.

In Indonesia, another issue to be pro-contra bikini, though not until Didemo FPI as experienced Artika Sari Devi. Indonesia supports the celebrities out appearance at the Miss Universe Zizi. But religious circles pointed to Indonesia's bikini, Princess of concern, because it does not reflect the personality of the Indonesian nation.

"That would be much more honorable than the culture and values go beyond culture," said Chairman of the Muhammadiyah Youth Leader Area North Sumatra, Anang Anas Azhar.

According to him, enough to understand the international community if it does not wear a bikini Zizi. Even Puteri Indonesia might be more able to steal the show because it shows the identity and personality of the real Indonesia.

Meanwhile, according to supporters Zizi, bikinis are commonplace in the Miss Universe contest, a bikini for only part of the assessment criteria in the contest world. "If that Zizi was ranked 3 of my really good.'ll Reportedly be in that position because of his appearance in a bikini, why not? That was indeed part of the assessment criteria. To be honest I support it," said Miss Indonesia 2006 Agni Pratistha Arkadewi Kuswardono .

According to him, what those opposed associated bikini Miss Indonesia in Miss Universe was taken only lesson. For the greater good is the hope of winning was never vanished for the Miss Indonesia who rarely go big 15.

Regardless of the pros cons, Zizi in the Bahamas continue to look stunning. Zizi back riveting with the Miss Universe contest organizer with the national dress Heroine. Indonesian traditional clothes is growing as an idol made Zizi in the beauty contest arena. Heroine Clothing complete with attributes in the head and bows and arrows to make Zizi was in position 2 of the 3 big Miss Universe 2009.

But it turns out, not just the look charming Zizi. Bahamas Islands which became the venue for Miss Universe is also charming old girl living in Australia is. To the extent that when asked what made him afraid, he replied fear return to Indonesia.

"I do not want to go home. It was a very feared. Here it is fun," he said in a video interview on the official website of Miss Universe. He also seems less well known Indonesia. When asked about people who do not know about Indonesia, he said Indonesia as an archipelago surrounded by the ocean. Yet, clearly this basic geographical knowledge about Indonesia.

But beyond the lack of knowledge about Indonesia, the day before the final night of Miss Universe 2009, Zizi first ranked contestants. He moved Miss Brazil Larissa Costa from the top. 2.78 grades Larissa Costa Zizi shifts with the acquisition value 0.02 or 2.76 adrift.

This position could give hope can be Zizi Miss Universe from Indonesia for the first time.

But it was all just a dream. Zizi appearance could not beat the record of Miss Universe is not yet solved. Zizi was not passed 15 of Miss Universe 2009. In the same event in 2005, Artika into the big 15.

In the first round, the big 15 Miss Universe, no name Zizi. Even Miss Brazil who could not even go unseeded. They must admit excess Miss USA, Puerto Rico, Iceland, Albania, Czech Republic, Belgium, Dominican Republic, Sweden, Kosovo, Australia, France, Switzerland, South Africa, Croatia, and Venezuela.

Exotic beauty of Latin American women once again amaze the world still faces than exotic Asian women. Miss Universe 2009 crown again fell into the hands of Venezuela, who represented a pretty girl aged 18 years, Stefania Fernandez. Earlier, Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza, who is also from Venezuela, a diamond-studded tiara pinned on her head. Calculated the sixth time in Venezuela won the title of Miss Universe.

Stefania Fernandez in peratingan the official site of Miss Universe 2009 was ranked only the 9th, but the winner was Miss Venezuela 2008 winner went on to become Miss Universe 2009. While in the same peratingan, Zizi from Indonesians who became the Miss Universe idol.


Dozens of students and youth belonging to the People's Solidarity for Justice and Humanity (Sorkam) Protap struggle to support demonstrations demanding the incident cases of Protap demo urged Attorney General to order the prosecutor to work in the realm of logic and law in court Protap case, Monday (24 / 8) in front of the Attorney General's Office in Jakarta. (Photo AFP / Jhon Manalu)

SHARE LEAFLET: Mass Solidarity For Justice and Humanity (Sorkam) handed out leaflets to road users that contain legal justice charges against the Warriors Protap, who they suspected of handling a particular party interests, Monday (24 / 8) in Jalan Sisingamangaraja Jakarta, Monday (24 / 8). (Photo AFP / Jhon Manalu)

Jakarta (SIB)
Feeling-related demands Tapanuli fighter formation Province (Protap) has not responded quickly and appropriately by the relevant authorities, dozens of youth and student activists and sympathizers joined the People's Solidarity for Justice and Humanity (Sorkam), again demonstrating peacefully.
If last week they were doing demonstrations marked by a hunger strike for a week at the Commission offices, Jakarta, on Monday (24/8/09), the youth and students Protap defense fighters such demonstrations in the Attorney General's office (AGO) Jl. Sisingamangaraja, South Jakarta.
By carrying a large banner that read: Free Kawan-Kawan Us, Stop the criminalization of Democracy "and some other small banners, protesters set off from the front of the GOR Bulungan South Jakarta at about 13:00 pm, and together walk the 1 km more to the office Jl.Sisingamangaraja Attorney General in Jakarta, not how far from the crowded center, bus terminal Blok M, South Jakarta. When walking, these rallies big attention from people around, both private motorists / public transport and pedestrians.
In addition to a large banner read: "Free our comrades, Stop the criminalization of Democracy", they also carry several other banners, including reads: "Should the State Apparatus Against Arrest Professional Students Tapanuli, Prosecutor, Judge, Do Lebay ... ....", " Exempt Comrade Us Right Now "," Stop Intimidation, Intervention & Interest Politics In The Hearing "," Free Friend We Now Also, Catching & Hearing Students injured Tapanuli Democracy Goals, "and so forth.
In the midst of dozens of banners, it is also seen national flag and emblem of Red and White / flag of National Movement of Indonesian Christianity Students (PP GMKI) and the Association of Legal Aid & Human Rights Indonesia (PBHI) Jakarta.
In front of the gate is closed AGO neat and witnessed by dozens of security forces, such as police and soldiers, the younger generation, relay holder and owner of the future of this nation, in turn made oration, which in essence stated that they went to the AGO for the chaotic Protap, observing and see the injustice, violations of Human Rights (human rights) and democracy, especially in pencederaan proceedings now underway in the District Court of Medan.
Besides shouted "Long Live Life Protap and Students", they also sang the national anthem "Indonesia Raya" and songs Tapanuli: "O Tano Batak". At the time of the second echoes of the song, the protesters seemed humble and be prepared to stand.
When one of the berorasi said: "students' protests participants are equally responded by saying: arrested". When he shouted: "Court", answered: "Choose Love", and pronounced "Democracy", answered: "It is Dead".
Sorkam demanded that the kisrus Protap, especially in the present proceedings in progress in the District Court of Medan, officials Attorney General Office (AGO) to be fair and must apply the law in accordance with statutory procedures and regulations.
In his oration, which among other things delivered, Mangapul Silalahi, Pilian Hutasoit, Sutriso Pangaribuan and Jimmy, have confirmed Sorkam found some irregularities in the investigation and inquiry "Protap chaotic", starting from the arrest of the suspects to justice, especially the students.
According Sorkam, suspected to have occurred a number of acts of violence against suspects during arrest and detention, among other suspects experienced by H. Sihombing vein, Richard Lumban Stone, and Rocky Hesnery Sianturi.
The arrest of the suspects at large without a warrant, or at least it is experienced by Matatia January Sibuea, Toman Yasmindo Sinaga (both students) and Ir.Timbul Simbolon (lecturer). In addition, during the investigation process or the process of the Minutes of Examination (BAP), a number of suspects are not accompanied by a lawyer.
Another oddity, is the trial intimidatif atmosphere, particularly the presence of a massive number of officers during the trial. Ironically again, the police were present in the courtroom carrying a lot of guns.
Not only that, also observed Sorkam restrictions for the defendant's attorney to file a defense arguments during the trial. At least it is experienced by legal counsel Tragedy Protap Advocacy Team (Look).
The most painful again, Sorkam question, the recognition of Kajari Field of the intervention plan demands (rentut) from related institutions in the center. Medan Kajari recognition is reinforced by the decision or the number of suspects vonnis's Medan District Court imposed a handwritten, so that raises allegations of "special orders" of the severity of the sentence the judge.
Based on several findings, Sorkam, which is a combination of a number of institutions and individuals, believing in the existence of political engineering in the trial Protap case.
"We menengarai ongoing trial is a form of criminalization of the growing aspirations of the community of North Sumatra on the idea or suggestion Tapanuli territory expansion into one province," said Sutrisno Pangaribuan (GMKI) as he is not supposed to mention an idea and or suppressed aspirations only because of errors in applying the procedure.
Related to the problem Protap, Sorkam AGO urged to stop the intervention and be impartial (not pro), urged Attorney General ordered the Prosecutor General (prosecutor) to work in the realm of law and logic and not mixed up other interests outside the law. Also rejected the attempts to criminalize freedom of expression.
Accept delegation
After demonstrating about 2 hours, 3 protesters delegates each: Mangapul Silalahi (Look), Pilian Hutasoit (Sorkam) and Sutrisno Pangaribuan (GMKI) received by the Public Relations Budi Harsara AGO. The meeting was closed to the press.
On that occasion, the three delegations requested that Attorney General should not only accept the defendant's trial-related files Protap, but to intervene directly into the field so to see the facts.
Pilian Hutasoit told reporters after the meeting put forward, if the AGO is still not objective and make decisions that do not stand up for justice and truth, the youth and students will return mendatangani AGO.
Also specifically asked to release the suspects / defendants Protap, because they are not a criminal nor a terrorist who deserves vonnis 5 or 6 years in prison, but they are the inspiration that will continue to fight for people's aspirations mewujudukan, especially form Tapanuli Province.
Silalahi Mangapul suggests, in the meeting, Public Relations Budi H AGO good of all concerned with the delegation conveyed even promised in the near future will reduce the Supervisory Attorney apparatus to Medan, North Sumatra.